Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It is all fate!!!

The problem with people is they never realize, and when they do, it would have been too late. This looks much like those philosophies, which makes good reading but of little use practically. But think again, isn't it more than that? I heard someone say, before you preach something you should practice it yourself, but in that case, the world would miss many great preachers ( and yes, a lot of politicians too).

I will try to put my point with some examples. I never realized the importance of studies, even when my parents used to pester me daily to study,at least not until I got an entrance rank which could well be misunderstood as my mom's salary at that time. Or I never realized the importance of my friends' advice when they asked me not to rip my bike at least till the engine breaks in, but when I did realize, my bike was already a clutter of useless metal.

The good news is that some things have solutions, like when I did poorly for entrance, I made that up with my degree course and earned a job with a salary figure that beat my entrance figure by a good margin. But, not all things work like that, my bike would never be the same, it will never run the way other bikes do and there is very little I can do.

Many might think, "this is the way we are made, some things are meant to happen, and there is nothing we can do about it. It is all FATE". But is that actually the case? You have to realize that, at least before it is too late. I can work hard and earn some cash to get a new bike, we may encounter bigger debacles which would be hard to come out of, though we can still get out of the sense of guilt saying it is fate to blame, but that will only help us get out of the guilt, nothing more, it would definitely not help you get a bike to go around with your girl friend(s).

So, what am I trying to prove here? Fate is just a placeholder, a dummy pointer to point to when you don't have an answer to give. Think about this, you ask your physics professor, "sir, why does an electron revolve around the nucleus?" and he replies, "Oh..well. That is its fate..." Won't that sound absurd? If it does, then the same applies to the n-number of instances when we put the blame on fate, when we don't want to fight it out and find an answer. When I fail, it is just because of me, I did not realize some important ingredient for the victory, and fate has nothing to do with it. So, all I can do is try, figure out, and realize what that ingredient is and put that into the equation. And just one more of those punch lines before I end, please understand that life never gives you a second chance,as people think. YOU have to grab yourself your second, third or whatever chance you want to take. It all about you.